Spring and summer bring with them arguably the most beautiful time of the year. The days are warm, the sun shines, and people are outside as much as possible. It is an exciting time. Unfortunately, your deck will need a bit of care before you can have your starlit dinners and big family barbecues. Here is a helpful guide to getting your deck refreshed and ready for spring and summer.

1. Clear Everything Away

Cleaning and finishing a cluttered deck can be a huge pain, so start by removing everything from the surface which isn’t fixed or attached. It is a good idea to lightly hose down any plants so that anything that has fallen onto them is encouraged to fall off. You should also cover any plants that are delicate and may be damaged during the cleaning process.

2. Check your Deck

A long, cold winter can bring with it a lot of damage to your deck, so it is vital that you carefully inspect it for damage at least once a year. What you are looking for here is wood rot, mildew, cracks in boards, shifted posts or any other kinds of damages. Any badly damaged or rotted planks or posts should be replaced with new timber.

3. Clean the Surface

Start by rinsing the surface with a hose or pressure washer to get the worst of the dirt and grime off. To give a deeper clean, you can make an easy mixture of vinegar and water. Although chemical cleaners can do the job, they will sometimes damage your deck and are not a good idea if you have children or pets. A rule of thumb is to use 20ml of vinegar and 1L of water, although you should patch-test your deck and change it slightly if necessary. For any stubborn patches, try using a bristle brush. If that doesn’t work, then pour the mixture directly onto it and leave it to soak for a few minutes.

4. Staining or Painting

Spring and summer are the best time for giving your deck a fresh coat of paint or varnish as the sun dries it quickly. You should lightly sand any areas you want to re-stain to better protect the wood. Staining should only be brushed into the deck in the direction of the timber grain.

5. Furniture and Extras

There is no point having a spotless deck if all your outdoor furniture is still carrying months of winter dirt. Clean your furniture, rugs and cushions to give everything a fresh, spring/summer feeling. If you often find yourself too hot to stay outside too long in the summer, then you should consider adding some greenery or a water feature. These will help to remove the impact of the scorching sun. Finally, an awning or umbrella will make your deck more habitable all day long.

To complement your deck, if your driveway or backyard is looking like it needs some extra care and love, feel free to speak to a concrete specialist at Simply Driveways.