Finding the right professional driveway company can be a difficult task if you don’t know what to look for. That’s why you should always do your own research, while looking out for recommendations from trusted sources and references. It’s important to consider every factor before making a final decision to ensure you don’t hire an unprofessional service that delivers poor results that are below expectations.

If you’re looking for a professional driveway company, these are 5 essential qualities to look out for.

Customer Service

First impressions can go a long way in revealing one’s personality and it’s no different when considering hiring a professional driveway company. Expect the person you speak to on the phone to be courteous and polite with excellent listening skills. Any representatives of a potential professional driveway company you’re looking at hiring should be able to answer any questions you have or should be forwarded to someone who will. They should be prompt in their actions following your enquiry and should proceed with the next step in your consultation. A professional driveway company should be able to give you expert recommendations to help you decide what’s best for your home and your driveway. You should be offered a complimentary site visit and quote, while considerations in pricing should include the quality of equipment, type of mixtures, complexity of the project area, municipal ordinances, removal of existing surfaces, environmental factors and your recycling options.


Gauging a professional driveway company’s reliability is an important indication in their ability to successfully complete a project. Try speaking to previous customers to see what they have to say about their experiences with them. Be sure to also check their reviews and ratings on the internet through consumer review sites – and to read both positive and negative reviews. Consider the issues and red flags that previous customers have highlighted and make sure that all the right boxes have been ticked before deciding on them. A reputable professional driveway company with rave reviews can indicate to you high levels of competence and a hassle-free service, which is why it’s important to hire someone with a good history and background.


Specialised industry knowledge is a must for any professional driveway company. If you’re looking for specialised professionals in concrete driveways or coloured concrete driveways, be sure to ask them what specific certifications they have and which industry associations they are members of. Being a member of such associations shows a commitment to expand their knowledge and professionalism. Furthermore, it’s important to ensure that any company you consider hiring is licensed, bonded and insured to protect your property from any liabilities. A highly knowledgeable representative can help you make good choices for your property and save you money, while providing a track-record of expertise with unique solutions.

Timely Service

Delivering a project on time is a minimum. You shouldn’t be waiting weeks on end for a professional driveway company to finish your project. You should be informed in advance when the project will commence and when it should be completed. Be sure to ask your professional driveway company when they’re available and how long the project will take to complete.


It’s important to find a professional service that guarantees their work for a reasonable period of time. Always look for a warranty and how long that specific policy lasts for. A professional guarantee ensures you peace of mind, while a good hire should stand by their work and make customer satisfaction their priority. Asking for a project warranty that includes workmanship & materials guarantees that the project is completed to industry standards and the unique needs of your property. Be sure to insist on them presenting every detail of the project in the contact, while checking online review sites to see how they have responded to negative reviews. Any attempt to blame the client for mistakes instead of owning up can be a red flag not to be ignored.

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