One thing most homeowners don’t think of is their kerb appeal. Kerb appeal plays a major role in making a positive first impression when you have visitors over. Besides being particularly important if you are trying to sell your house, good kerb appeal can also help you maintain your home’s value over time and improve relationships with the neighbourhood.

Here are a few ways to improve your kerb appeal.


Renovate Your Driveway

Concrete surfaces take up most of the property in Australian homes, which is why a good concreter in Melbourne is so important. However, few people think about their driveways when calculating their kerb appeal. A cracked asphalt surface will drive the value of your home down.

Resurfacing any pavement or driveway that you have on your property is a quick way to boost your kerb appeal by a significant amount. Be sure to call reputable concrete pavers in Melbourne to do the job, otherwise, you may need to pay for the same job twice.

Pay Attention to Green Areas

Many people opt to maintain a grassy lawn instead of a garden since it seems like it requires less effort to maintain. However, a poorly maintained lawn can drag down your kerb appeal even more so than a scrappy, scraggly garden full of weeds. Bare patches and yellowed grass make your lawn and your home overall look unkempt.

Lawns need regular maintenance, including mowing, fertilising, and watering. In the spring, you may need to plant new seeds to cover bare patches. If this sounds like too much work, you can hire landscapers to maintain your lawn, or replace it with a rock garden or paved surface.

Repaint Your Door

Many people focus on maintaining their property as a way of boosting their kerb appeal but forget about the house itself! You will need to maintain your exterior walls and repaint them if necessary, but don’t be like other homeowners and ignore the front door.

At a minimum, your front door should be clean and have a solid coat of paint. If you really want your home to stand out, paint your front door a bold colour that stands out. Don’t forget about the details such as your doorknob and door knocker. The front door is the focal point of your house so you want it to look its best.

Maintain All the Details

There are certain elements of your property that you may forget about because they don’t seem important or you don’t use them that often. When’s the last time that you power washed the garage door or repainted your fence? These elements may not seem important, but small things such as sheds and mailboxes play a significant factor in kerb appeal.

Do a survey of your front yard and see if anything looks worn or rundown. Potential buyers will be impressed by your attention to detail if you present them with a well-maintained mailbox.

Add Some Greenery

Not everybody is meant to be a gardener. However, even af few small plants break up the monotony of a home that is surrounded only by green lawn or pavement. Add some window boxes or plant a small garden right by the house.

If you are not passionate about gardening or don’t have the time to maintain lots of flowers, opt for low-maintenance plants such as succulents or grasses native to Australia that are built for this climate. Even the illusion of a natural oasis can boost your kerb appeal.

Many factors go into determining your kerb appeal, which in turn can raise or lower the value of your property. Everything from your driveway to your mailbox to your front door can affect how attractive your house is to others. Raise your kerb appeal by taking care of your green areas, including your lawn and garden, scheduling regular maintenance for your driveway, and repainting your front door or fence. It is a little initial effort that will result in a beautiful home. 

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