In your search for a brand new concrete driveway, you may have noticed an alarming discrepancy: some concreters charge more than others. At times, the price difference between quotes can be substantial. What’s the reason behind the variation? Is one concreter simply better than the other?

Perhaps. But not necessarily. Let’s take a look at the four primary reasons why some concreters charge more than others.

The Quality of Material Used

Even if you’re comparing the same concrete type such as exposed aggregate, that doesn’t necessarily mean the material and finish will be the same.

A devious trick of the trade among less reputable operators is to skimp on the quality of the concrete as well as the finish. Doing so allows them to offer a cheaper quote while pocketing a substantial sum for themselves. Sadly, the customer bears the brunt as they end up with a poor construction job which will lead to problems further down the track.

Furthermore, there is no legal requirement for a concreter to adhere to a certain standard of quality in the finish. Concreting is a woefully unregulated industry.

Then how do you know if the materials you’re getting are any good? Unless you’re a concrete expert, it’s almost impossible to tell. Your best bet is to go with a reputable company with ample experience in the field. You should also be wary of quotes that seem too good to be true.

The Experience of the Team

Labour costs constitute a substantial portion of a quote. Therefore, if an inexperienced team takes an extra day to get the job done, the client will end up footing the bill. Essentially, you could be paying more for an inexperienced team to learn the ropes.

One way to avoid this is by contracting a team with a Master Concreters Association certification. This is not required by law, however it shows that the member is fully trained and are up to date with the industry standards.

Some Concreters Charge According to their Availability

If a concreter is quiet and desperate for work, they may quote a lower price to attract more customers. On the other hand, busy concreters might charge substantially more because they can afford to risk losing customers due to the work they already have lined up.

Simple supply and demand economics, right?

Not really. Because, once again, the client ends up paying more for the exact same job. Honest operators quote the same regardless of how much work they have on their plate.

Obtaining What is a “Fair” or “Reasonable” Quote

It’s common practice in the construction industry for contractors to quote high and quickly come to a compromise if the customer decides to negotiate. The obvious downside is that if the client doesn’t bargain, or doesn’t bargain hard enough, they’ll end up paying more than they should.

Also, it is always worth obtaining a few quotes from various concreters to ensure you’re getting a “fair” and “reasonable” rate. You’ll also gain a better understanding of the overall market rate for materials and workmanship. By speaking to a few different concreters, you will also be able to judge for yourself which one may be more professional from the way they handle the first measure-and-quote and the way they follow through.

 Why You Should Get a Quote from Simply Driveways

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