So many accidents in the home, both reported and unreported, happen in the driveways of family properties all across Australia. You might think you’re safe in your own driveway, but the fact is sometimes, all it takes is a moment of carelessness or forgetfulness and something unfortunate could happen. Avoid accidents in your own driveway with these driveway safety tips that every family needs to know, and more importantly, practice.

1. Always check your driveway for kids or family pets

Even when you’re in a hurry, always check the area for kids or the family pet before you back your car out or drive in. Be thorough because kids are small and it can be easy to miss them. If possible, have someone assist you as you enter or exit just to be sure that you won’t be hitting anyone.

2. Limit or do not allow children to play in your driveway

There are other areas of the house your children or other people’s children can play in, so teach your kids to stay away from driveways. Do not encourage them by leaving out bikes or toys in the driveway and impress it upon them that they should not be playing in that part of the property. This way there is less risk of them hanging out in driveways either at yours or at other people’s houses, where they could get struck by less careful drivers.

3. Have eyes on the kids at all times

Help them when they are getting in and out of the car. Keep watch if they are on the driveway, and make sure that they are safely inside the house when you get home from somewhere before you tend to other things. The same goes for other people’s children. Be ready to give assistance to other children that you see in other people’s driveways when needed.

4. Drive in and out of your driveway slowly

There is no reason for you to be driving in and out of your driveway at speeds faster than the minimum. By driving slowly you’ll be better able to watch your surroundings and be aware of anything you might hit. At the same time, any children or family pets will also have the chance to move out of the way if they happen to be in the area.

5. Never leave children unattended

When kids, especially the younger ones, head out to the front yard to play, make sure that they are being supervised by an adult at all times. Children sometimes do not know any better and can get so caught up in playing that they forget the rules. By keeping a close eye on them, accidents can be avoided.

Despite what you might think, your driveway is a high traffic zone where accidents could happen. These tips are a good start to keeping your children, family pets, and visitors safe when they are in your driveway, but you should not get complacent as well. Always be careful when behind the wheel, even when you are “in the safety of your own home”. Also, don’t forget to make sure that the other members of your household are practicing these driveway safety tips as well.