While a concrete driveway may give you a smooth entrance to your home for your vehicle, it is also a great opportunity for your kids to express their creativity and foster their imagination. Take a look at our top 6 creative ways to adapt your driveway so that your kids can enjoy it.

1. Practice Track

Concrete driveways provide a flat, even surface for your children to learn skills such as riding their bike, skateboarding or rollerblading before they make their way onto the street which is more likely to have some potholes and perils. You can also set up cones on the driveway to let them practice their manoeuvres in a safe environment.

2. Hopscotch

Using chalk, a simple hopscotch grid can be drawn directly on to the concrete. This can then be washed off easily using water. Alternatively, you can place some masking tape on the concrete to create the shape. The squares drawn can then be jumped or hopped on, entertaining smaller children.

3. Down ball

Down ball, sometimes referred to as four square or two square. This game is not only fun for children to play but helps develop hand and eye coordination. For two square (a 2-person game), draw two squares next to each other, or for four square (a four-person game) draw a 2×2 grid. To play the game, you need to try and bounce the ball more than once inside the other person’s square. One rule however is that you need to bounce the ball in your square once before trying to hit your opponent’s square. There are many online videos that can go through these steps and how to play. Down ball is a fun game for children of all ages!

4. Checkers

Why not use your concrete driveway to develop your child’s strategic skills through board games? Use masking tape on the concrete to map out the squares of a large checker grid and use stones from your garden or paper plates as the checkers themselves.

5. Snakes and Ladders

Another great board game to play on a larger scale on the concrete is snakes and ladders. Kids can copy the board game onto the concrete, adding their own illustrations and creativity. The rules are the same – reach a ladder and move further up the board, land on a snake and slide further down.  This game can last for days if there is no rain to wash off the chalk design and can provide endless hours of fun.

6. Use your Driveway as a Blank Canvas

The most obvious way to use your concrete driveway however is to use it as a blank canvas. Collect some coloured chalk for your children and allow them to draw anything that they want on the concrete. Rest assured, these drawings can be washed away, meaning that the driveway can lead to endless hours of artistic expression.

Concrete driveways Melbourne-based company Simply Driveways can advise you on the best type of concrete driveway for your home, as well as installing this quickly and to a high quality. To find out more contact us today, not only will it improve the appearance of your home, but it may also get your kids playing outside more.