A beautiful home makes a happy homeowner. However, when you picture a welcoming home with a lovely exterior and neatly trimmed lawn, the last thing you want ruining that aesthetic is a run-down driveway that is badly in need of repair. It is hard to deny that houses with well-kept driveways give off a better lasting impression than those with driveways that clearly need replacing.

If you are still on the fence about whether you should opt for a new driveway, or if you are unsure what advantages concrete driveways have over other kinds, here are six benefits to getting a new concrete driveway.

  1. Increase your curb appeal 

A new driveway can add a considerable amount of curb appeal to your home, especially if your current one looks particularly worse for the wear. Besides that, getting a new driveway allows you the chance to get creative with your options. For example, you could get a coloured concrete driveway if you are not a fan of the standard light gray surface. You could also explore textured concrete options to take the customisation a step further and really stand out. By getting a new driveway, you are opening up a new opportunity to add to the design and personality of your home.

  1. Add value to your home

Increasing your curb appeal has the extra potential of adding to the value of your home too. For those who are considering putting their house on the market at some point, getting a new concrete driveway could be a good investment. Concrete driveways are more attractive than asphalt driveways for example, and this can play a part when it comes to how much value your house is worth. Either way, a newer driveway will leave a better first impression on prospective buyers than an aged one.

  1. Low maintenance

Concrete driveways are very easy to maintain. For general cleaning, all you need is some soap and water to get rid of most stains. Concrete is also less susceptible to issues that could inflict damage, such as cracking caused by fluctuations in temperature. In general, concrete driveways can last a long time, with an average lifespan of about 30 years; sealing your driveway can also keep it in top condition for longer. All things considered, the long lasting and low maintenance nature of concrete driveways can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

  1. Concrete driveways are better in the heat 

Another advantage of concrete driveways in particular is how they react to heat and light. Concrete driveways usually absorb much less heat and are much cooler to touch than driveways that are made of asphalt. Concrete has much better light reflectance when compared to asphalt, and they absorb far less UV rays. Furthermore, the lighter colour of concrete by default makes it cooler than the darker shade of asphalt.

  1. Better functionality

Concrete is a very practical material, especially so when you consider its lasting strength and integrity. It can handle much heavier loads than most other materials, which minimises the likelihood of you needing to repair damage made to the surface. If you have a truck, campervan, or a heavier vehicle, you should seriously consider choosing a driveway made of concrete over any other material.

  1. Sometimes, it’s just time

While it is always good to weigh up the pros and cons when making any decision, sometimes you need to think about what you envision for your home. If you think getting a new concrete driveway will be a welcome touch, then perhaps it is time to take the leap and do it. Moreover, if your current driveway is in very poor condition, think about how much time and effort you are spending trying to keep it from falling apart – and what you could do if you had a new concrete driveway that requires minimal maintenance instead.

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