Your driveway will be the first thing people notice when they see your home, and are therefore crucial for making the best first impression. Having a lovely driveway can completely revitalise your home; increasing your curb appeal and impressing guests or clients, as soon as they turn into your property. The amount of choice available is huge, with so many different materials, shapes designs and patterns on offer. This article lists the top trends for 2019 to help you make the best decision for your house.

  1. Be Bold with Texture

Simple, monotone driveways of smooth concrete are a thing of the past; this year, go for something more interesting, something with a bit of flair. Creating a textured concrete driveway with contrasting colours that match your home and garden is highly recommended. Consider interlocking different types of stone for a rustic finish or add in some concrete for a sense of drama. Asymmetric stone paving and alternating cobblestone colours are another great way to add interest to your driveway.

  1. Add Some Lighting

Lighting elements have been used to give driveways some warmth and cosiness for a long time, and for good reason. Not only are they practical for driving in the night, but they can also be the perfect finish, be it for a sleek, modern drive, or a classy, rustic design. Modern technology brings with it discrete inlaid lighting that becomes stunning when turned on – a cheap and affordable alternative.

  1. Geometric Designs

Garden designers in 2019 are predicting that geometric patterns with lighting and a natural feel, will be one of the top trends. Designing a concrete driveway with natural stone can give your drive a refined look with distinct texture differences.

  1. Incorporate Greenery

Over the past few years, more and more people are moving away from basic grey driveways to natural colours, as they blend better with the flora around their home. You can give your driveway a stunning natural feel with the addition of ferns, vibrant grasses and flowers. Interlock and natural stone can work with foliage to create the impression that your driveway is a seamlessly integrated part of your house. For a modern feel with your greenery, consider raising your flowerbeds with clear borders or dedicating parts of your driveway for shrubs or flowers.

  1. Use Borders

Adding a border around your driveway made from different patterns or colours, helps to create definition. Staining your borders a different colour will increase the contrast and frame the style of the driveway. Borders can also be used to mark out different parking sections to make life easier.

  1. Play with the Shape

2018 saw a lot of movement away from the standard rectangular shape, a trend which will continue through this year. If you don’t need all your space for your car, consider cutting in on one side with a wavy, meandering edge to give your drive an artistic finish and make space for some attractive greenery. Furthermore, a long, sweeping driveway is very stylish and can make a dramatic statement when arriving on the property.

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