Looking for fresh new ways to bolster your curb appeal? Then why not look at sprucing up your driveway?

Driveways don’t just have to be functional; these essential components can be sleek and stylish as well, complementing the exterior aesthetics of your home in all sorts of exciting ways. You can even decorate your trusty concrete driveway to look like a million bucks, so there’s really no excuse for boring driveway design these days. Here’s how a bold driveway design can revolutionise your home exterior.

Consider Concrete Slabs

If you’re not big on the standard concrete driveway look but love the strength and durability of this cost-effective material, then consider investing in concrete slabs. You can cover your entire driveway in a jigsaw-like pattern of sizable concrete slabs, and extend onto your front lawn if need be. When done well, concrete slabs really look the part, and you can fill the gaps with eye-catching fillers like gravel, pebbles, or grass. The downside is you’ll have to spend a bit of maintenance time cutting out those weeds.

Choose Textured Concrete

Also known as stencil and slate paving, textured concrete took the driveway world by storm back in the 90s for its attractive aesthetics, minimal maintenance, and long-lasting properties. The best thing about textured concrete is you can elect from a wide array of different designs and colours to replicate expensive materials like marble, stone, lumber, or slate. And much like other concrete driveways, the installation costs are low, and maintenance is a breeze.

Wash on Some Artwork

Plain old concrete is a thing of the past—these days, driveway design is all about creative patterns and imprints. The best way to add artistic merit to your ordinary concrete driveway is to grab yourself a stencil and a power washer, then blast on a fab new floral print. Of course, a power washer is only going to make an impression on a dirty, time-worn driveway, so don’t bother if yours is brand new. The advantage is the method is temporary because you can power wash the whole driveway when you tire of the design.

Grow a Verdant Driveway Garden

The section that slices through the middle of your driveway will see almost zero vehicle traffic as your car tires stretch over each side. Given this medium strip won’t be crushed under the weight of your wheels; you’re free to grow all sorts of plants and shrubs in the space. Opt for colourful, durable, and low-maintenance species—moss works particularly well—as you could accidentally reverse onto the garden and you wouldn’t want to wreck your favourite bonsai. Planting a mini driveway garden that complements your front yard can add immeasurably to your curb appeal.

Opt for Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate driveways are one of the best options on the market, offering outstanding aesthetics, durability, and cost-effectiveness in one. A driveway contractor adds a mix of pebbles, gravel, glass shards, and other materials onto a wet concrete driveway to evoke a spectacular visual effect. One of the great pros of aggregate is the sheer variety can cater to several different tastes. Modern properties, for example, could use manufactured granite or crushed limestone aggregates for a contemporary neutral grey look. Redbrick and gold exude a more timeless effect, while chipped glass and polished pebbles add a fanciful glossy touch.

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