If you are selling your property or making it available for rent, here are 7 simple tips to get the exterior of your home up to speed.

  1. Look from the outside in

Head over to the opposite side of the road and have a look at what your neighbours see. Examine your property through the eyes of a vendor. Is the front entrance accessible? Are there any holes in the panel fencing and are your hedges neatly trimmed? Make a list of immediate repairs that catch your eye to get that head start on making the exterior of your home tidy and presentable.

  1. Care and repair

Next, walk up through the gates and driveway to check for missing or cracked pavers. For concrete driveways, consider pressure cleaning to get rid of dirt and mould. If you have polished or patterned driveways, you may want to call in a driveway specialist to give your driveway a thorough cleaning and maintenance overhaul.

  1. Invest in good exterior lighting

You are going to want to showcase the exterior of your property by night, as well as by day. Dramatic lighting does not only show your neighbours your consideration for security and safety, but it can also help showcase the different areas of your front yard in a way that is both eye-catching and unique.

  1. Consider updating the approach to the house

If you want to make the exterior of your property look at lot larger than it is, you may want to try changing the shape of your driveway. Curved driveways add more character and depth to the overall look of your home. However, it is important to ensure that it is manoeuvrable for all types of vehicles. A reputable driveway company will be able to advise you on the latest design techniques that will bring your home into the 21st century.

  1. Review patio and hard standing areas

A lot of home décor programmes talk about extending the living area into the garden. The first step would be for you to look at how you currently use your patio or hard standing areas. Garden furniture, pot plants and outdoor seating areas give instant kerb appeal and showcases areas of the home as places of leisure and entertainment.

  1. Get out the paint brush

Giving the exterior of your property a fresh coat of paint or wood stain, to complement the colour and theme of the design, is an instant uplift to any build. Lighter colour palettes help to make space seem much bigger and brighter due to the way they reflect light so easily. You can further enhance your colour theme by adding pot plants in matching tubs around the front door and at the garden entrance.

  1. Rid yourself of clutter

Remember, people may just drive past your property if they are scouting for places to buy. To start off, simply get into the habit of parking vehicles in the garage. Then, put away bicycles, children’s toys and other leisure equipment in the shed to minimize clutter. Anything that is going to distract the eye from your beautifully staged exterior needs to go, so clear up as you go along and turn your property into an ideal home.