When it comes to installing a new driveway, one of the most important things to consider is what material you want to use. With most homeowners choosing between asphalt and concrete, the latter is becoming a more popular option for a number of reasons.

From being an eco-friendly choice to long-term savings, concrete could be the right choice for your new driveway. These are the top 7 benefits of using concrete instead of asphalt for your driveway.

  • Longer Lifespan

Concrete is a durable material that can last for quite some time. When used correctly, well taken care of and regularly maintained, concrete driveways could last up to 20-25 years or even longer. Asphalt, however, wears out quicker and begins to deteriorate faster.

Concrete also requires less maintenance than asphalt. With concrete driveways, all that’s required is to sweep dirt, leaves and debris off the surface a few times per month. It’s recommended that you also ensure your concrete driveway is professionally cleaned and resealed every few years.

Asphalt driveways on the other hand, require plenty of maintenance to keep it looking good. Asphalt driveways will need to be resealed at least once a year, while removing stains is very difficult.

  • Concrete Can Be Texturised

Concrete driveways have the added benefit of being able to texturise it. Texturising involves applying different types of patterns to the surface of the concrete, while it’s still wet. There is a wide array of ways to add texture to a concrete driveway, from intricate driveway designs and stamping, to basic circular patterns.

Texturising reduces problems with slickness that are common on asphalt driveways. Following a long hot spell, rain will cause the oil in asphalt to become very slippery, which could be dangerous and cause accidents. Not only does a texturised concrete driveway improve the appearance of your home, but it also provides added traction and support to keep you safer.

  • Concrete Costs Less

When you consider the time and money needed to maintain an asphalt driveway, together with the amount of times you need to have it replaced, it becomes clear why concrete is a better option. Concrete typically costs less than asphalt when considering its overall lifespan.

Concrete driveways can also add to your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. A concrete driveway is more aesthetically pleasing than asphalt, while its durability makes it easy to ensure its appearance is maintained, with the right care.

  • Better Lighting

Concrete is light-coloured, which inevitably reflects light. Asphalt, however, absorbs light due to it being dark. With the right lighting, your new concrete driveway will reflect three times the amount of light than asphalt at night, when it’s dark.

Outdoor areas are easier to light up with concrete driveways, making late night activities like basketball or soccer with friends and family more enjoyable. Increased reflectivity of your concrete driveway will light up your home better and keep you and your loved ones safer.

  • Concrete is Cooler

A significant drawback of asphalt driveways is the amount of heat they absorb during hot weather conditions. Asphalt gets so hot that it eventually turns soft and squishy, which results in long term damage to your driveway. This also poses the risk of you burning your feet, if you walk barefoot on your driveway.

If left out in the sun long enough, you will see waves of heat rising from your asphalt driveway. These driveways become their own heat source, meaning you will be able to fry an egg on it. Concrete, due to its reflective attributes, remains much cooler throughout the year. As a solid substance, concrete isn’t prone to softening like asphalt.

  • Concrete Driveways Are More Eco-Friendly

All the different materials used to make and mix concrete such as water, rock, sand, calcium, limestone, aluminium and iron, among others occur naturally in nature. This means it’s more eco-friendly and sustainable when compared to asphalt.

Asphalt does contain a mixture of gravel, stone and sand but still has to be mixed with non-renewable petroleum-based products. What’s more, if you replace an existing concrete driveway, it can be broken up, recycled and remixed into your new concrete driveway.

  • Concrete Driveways Can Be Coloured

Concrete driveways have a wide variety of colour options available to you. This means you always have the opportunity to have a unique and original driveway that nobody else has. It’s possible to have your selected colour swirled into the concrete to give it a truly visually appealing look that’s guaranteed to wow.

The only way to colour an asphalt driveway is to paint it. Paint doesn’t last and will eventually come off, making your driveway look much worse for wear. Due to the darkness of asphalt, painted asphalt driveways don’t look as appealing either.

There are a wide range of benefits to having a concrete driveway installed over asphalt. If you’re looking to get a sleek coloured concrete driveway installed, get in touch with the friendly and professional team at Simply Driveways. With more than two decades of experience as a concreter in Melbourne, the expert team will find the perfect concrete driveway solution for you.

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7 Top Benefits of Using Concrete Instead of Asphalt For Your Driveway
When installing a new driveway, one of the most important things to consider is what material you want to use. There are a wide range of benefits to having a concrete driveway installed over asphalt. These are the top 7 benefits of using concrete instead of asphalt for your driveway.
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