Cooking and dining outdoors, or al fresco, has to be one of the most enjoyable experiences, usually only happening while on holiday, with all the family gathered around. But it doesn’t have to be a rare occurrence. If you’re lucky enough to have a concrete patio right here in Melbourne, why not consider installing a proper alfresco kitchen?

There are some stunning examples of outdoor kitchens, built as an extension of your home, and that really tie in with the house. Some are constructed under lean to verandahs, roofed in with bamboo, glass slats, tiles or awnings that allow climbing plants to grow over and give a Mediterranean feel.

Others are housed in half open or full conservatories or patio areas, with fitted seating around a large table, built-in cupboards, and a work area for the stove and perhaps even a small fridge. Wood burners or pizza ovens painted a dazzling white, with terracotta tiles and a few red and yellow pots and accessories, will lend a Spanish theme to the area, and all can be designed and installed to suit the surroundings and personal choice of the homeowner.

Benefits of an alfresco kitchen

1. Update your lifestyle

There are several benefits to having an alfresco kitchen, not least of them being you will be giving your home a novel and creative updated look. You will also be able to extend your leisure and entertainment activities to become much more inclusive and family oriented, as an alfresco kitchen will open up another large area for you to spend time with the family and close friends. Instead of being tied to the oven and kitchen sink during a dinner party, you can be out amongst your guests, and they can join in with the food preparation and cooking.

2. Entertain more people

Cooking and dining outside means being able to entertain larger numbers of guests for parties and special occasions, so the alfresco kitchen is ideal. If you have linked the furniture, accessories and tableware to a particular theme, and added some simple but spectacular lighting, it will all make for a very special night. Sitting outside as the sun goes down and the stars come out, with twinkling lights overhead and candles placed at strategic spots around the table and seating alcoves, ensures a night to remember for you and your friends.

3. A multipurpose space

You could also use the space to host local community events or, for fun, run your own cookery sessions to raise money, either for a good cause or to boost your own income – the possibilities are endless. As well as entertaining, the alfresco kitchen gives you more family space where you can spend time together, and it is great for children’s birthday parties. While planning your outdoor kitchen, remember to allow for additional improvements that will make the space useable even during inclement weather.

4. Boost your property’s value

Another key benefit to the alfresco kitchen is the increased value that it brings to your property. Not only will it look good and be the envy of the neighbourhood, but it will also make your home very attractive to potential buyers. A well-designed outdoor kitchen and dining area, made with attractive and durable materials, is only going to increase the sales price of your property in the long run.

So, to get that holiday feeling of eating and cooking outdoors all year round, not to mention boost the value of your property and maximise the use of that beautiful concrete patio, invest in an alfresco kitchen, and you will wonder how you ever managed without one before.