Keen for a concrete driveway but can’t stand those drab grey tones?

Then we’ve got some good news for you: coloured concrete driveways are a thing, and they’re probably more attractive than you think. But coloured concrete isn’t just about curb appeal, as there are plenty of practical reasons to opt for the robust material as well. Let’s check out the five fundamental pros of installing a coloured concrete driveway in your home!

Curb Appeal

Unlike asphalt or ordinary light grey concrete, coloured concrete can add an artistic touch to the exterior of your home. A stamped concrete surface, for example, adds an attractive texture that can blend seamlessly with the architectural elements of your façade. Some homeowners, on the other hand, love exposed aggregate concrete for its sleek three-dimensional look.

When carefully chosen to complement the other elements of your front yard, colour concrete is superb at enhancing your curb appeal.


Concrete driveways may cost a little more upfront to install than their asphalt counterparts, but the materials famed longevity will see you better off in the long run. If properly maintained, a concrete driveway will last up to 30 years. That’s a good ten years longer than an asphalt driveway.

Low Maintenance

Concrete driveways are notoriously easy to maintain, and that applies to the coloured varieties as well. Apart from cleaning up spills and sweeping up debris, there’s very little ongoing maintenance involved with concrete.

Occasionally, cracks will appear in the surface due to the natural shifting of the ground. Although these do need fixing up straight away, it’s an easy and cheap DIY job. All you need is a simple concrete patcher available at almost any hardware store. You only need to reseal every five years or so, making concrete one of the easiest driveway materials to maintain.


Concrete is one of the most robust materials on the market.

Rather than absorbing heat like asphalt, concrete reflects it away–and that’s a godsend in the blazing Aussie sun. This process occurs because concrete absorbs less UV radiation than most other materials. On the downside, it does get colder in winter. However, given the winters are quite mild in most of Australia, that’s a small price to pay.

The rigid nature of concrete also allows it to withstand heavier loads than other driveway types. Even if you don’t own an R.V. or another large vehicle, a big truck will need to access your home sooner or later. And with concrete, you won’t have to worry about rut damage.

Resale Value

Boasting all the practical benefits of concrete with additional curb appeal, coloured concrete adds significant value to your home. Not only will you get to enjoy the benefits of an attractive, easy to maintain, long-lasting, and durable driveway, but you’ll also enjoy stacks of extra cash when it comes time to sell your home.

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